From Gums To Glamore: Getting Your New Dentures In A Single Day

As recently as a few years ago, the process of getting your first set of dentures could easily take several weeks or longer to complete. This was especially true in cases where multiple tooth extractions were necessary as the patient would need to heal completely from these extractions before the dentist could move forward with the procedure. However, advances in dental technology in recent years has now allowed denture clinics to complete this process in as little as one single day. Below you will learn more about how this process works so that you can determine whether or not same day dentures are right for you.

Molding Your New Dentures

Dentures that mimic the size, shape, and spacing of your natural teeth will not only look better, but feel better as well. The best way to accomplish this task is by making a mold of your mouth and using this mold as a template for your new dentures. Consequently, the first step your dentist will take after your arrival at the denture clinic is to make a dental mold which includes all of your remaining teeth, your gums, and any surrounding tissue.

After making a mold of your mouth, your dentist will ask you to return to the waiting room while your mold is sent to the lab so that the fabrication of you dentures can begin.

Extracting Your Natural Teeth

After the dentist has successfully made dental molds for all of the patients who will receiving dentures that day, you will be called on to start the next stage in the process. This stage is the extraction of any natural teeth that your dentures will be replacing.

In order to minimize the pain and swelling that results from the extraction process, your dentist will make use of a local anesthetic during this portion of the process. Since you will be unable to eat or drink anything until after this anesthetic wears off, you may wish to enjoy a good meal before undergoing any extractions.

Fitting Your New Dentures

During the second half of the day, dentures will begin to arrive in the clinic. Since some patients will be receiving full sets of teeth while others will be receiving partials, your dentures may not arrive in the same order as they were sent out.

Once your dentures arrive at the clinic, your dentist will take a few minutes to double check the fit of your new teeth. If necessary, minor adjustments may be made at this time in order to provide a more comfortable and secure fit.

After being fitted with your new dentures, the only thing left to do is go forth and share your new smile with the world. Click here for more info.