Causes Of Tooth Sensitivity & Foods To Protect Your Teeth

You have good reason to worry about your tooth sensitivity, as almost 50 percent of the population suffers from some type of sensitivity. Do not worry because the following guide will show you how to decrease sensitivity with a few changes to your diet. And, you will also learn what usually causes this problem. What Commonly Leads To Sensitivity Tooth sensitivity is usually associated with enamel erosion. And the sensitive surface of your teeth may be exposed when you have this condition. Read More 

From Gums To Glamore: Getting Your New Dentures In A Single Day

As recently as a few years ago, the process of getting your first set of dentures could easily take several weeks or longer to complete. This was especially true in cases where multiple tooth extractions were necessary as the patient would need to heal completely from these extractions before the dentist could move forward with the procedure. However, advances in dental technology in recent years has now allowed denture clinics to complete this process in as little as one single day. Read More 

3 Tooth Stainers & How To Fight Them

Your beautiful white smile is one of your best attributes. Safeguarding your pearly whites can be achieved by focusing on your oral health. Do things that are aimed at keeping your mouth healthy. In order to achieve this goal, you need to make sure that you keep up with your oral hygiene routine, eat a nutritious diet, and make other healthy decisions. Here are three tooth staining foods and habits and how to stop them. Read More 

3 Common Pediatric Oral Health Problems

Good oral health is important for people of all ages, and it is important to start taking care of your child's mouth and teeth from a very young age. There are a number of issues that can cause decay or damage to the alignment of the teeth. If you notice any of the following issues, consult your child's dentist for assistance in correcting the problem before it becomes severe: Thumb Sucking Read More 

Three Ways To Reduce Anxiety Stemming From Dental Appointments

There are a number of people who suffer from anxiety when it is time to go to the dentist. Do not make the mistake of thinking that these anxious patients are all children. Perhaps you are an adult who finds it very unnerving to go to the dentist. You may even get anxious about dental appointments for your children too.  1. Inform the dentist. Whether you are the patient or a caretaker of the patient, the dental staff needs to know if anxiety is present. Read More