3 Reasons To Have Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Keeping your wisdom teeth may seem like a good idea. However, keeping your wisdom teeth can result in severe complications. Here are a few reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed: Dental Shifting Dental shifting can occur when wisdom teeth press against adjacent teeth, forcing the other teeth out of alignment. Since wisdom teeth are the third molars, they are located at the very rear of the mouth. In this position, the pressure that is applied by a wisdom tooth can affect most of the teeth that lie in the same palate with that wisdom tooth. Read More 

Caring For Your Teeth During Cancer Treatment

When dealing with cancer, you may think that your dental care is not a big deal. The truth is, there are many oral health issues that can cause complications in your cancer treatment and that put you at a higher risk for infection and illness. Talk with your family dentist about oral care during your treatment regime. Oral evaluation prior to treatment. Make an appointment with your dentist before you begin cancer treatment to identify any possible sources of infection or sites of trauma to the tissues of your mouth. Read More